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3854 West Cambridge
Springfield, MO 65807

Need a web site?
A dynamite presentation?
A promotional poster?

immedia3 is your answer. immedia3 is an innovative and hard-working design studio dedicated to business and product promotion in the three media of today (and tomorrow)—web, multimedia and print.

want to see what immedia3 do for you? Check out the galleries for web, multimedia and print projects.


Church Graphic Enthusiasts
(Yes, they do exist.)

If you're one of those dedicated people who spend time in the video booth of their local church creating and displaying graphic presentations, you're among friends.

Take a look the multimedia gallery to see some of the graphic presentations and backgrounds that immedia3 has created.

Take a look at our stuff; use it for your own ideas; and let immedia3 know what you think or ask a question. We'd love to hear from you!